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7th Heaven Necklaces

At this moment, none of these designs are in stock, but please let me know if you have interest in one. Thanks!

This collection is such a joy for me. I've always said that if there's something that will make me drop to my knees and pull out my wallet, it's a spiral. I find them intoxicating. These are hand-wrought in 14K or 18K gold and combined with the prettiest gemstones I can find. Seven tiny spirals grace each of these necklaces - some are larger, some are smaller, some are graduated - whatever moves me. They are a delight to wear. You'll see.

Emerald 18K Seventh Heaven Necklace - SPECIAL ORDER

Added drama is what this necklace is all about. This was a special order for one of my muses who wanted 18K gold, emeralds, and a slightly larger scale. Each of the spirals has one more wrap than the standard 14K spiral (photo below for comparison), the gold beads are 2.5 mm instead of 2 mm, and the clasp is a bit larger, too. These necklaces always have a delicate feel, but I'm delighted to show you how the design can be modified. This exact necklace has sold. It has 16.5 carats of emerald and is 17 5/8" long. (Oh, please don't mind the uncut cables by the clasp. The photos were taken before the final fitting.) Estimated cost for a special order would be $785.

Tourmaline Seventh Heaven Necklace - SPECIAL ORDER

Although this exact necklace has sold, I do have one other strand of these tiny faceted tourmalines. This necklace had 19 carats of tourmaline, which paired beautifully with the hand-wrought 14K gold spirals and clasp. The finished length was 17.25." Please allow 4 weeks for a special order. Thanks. Approximate cost $475.

Pink Tourmaline 7th Heaven Necklace - SPECIAL ORDER

This exact necklace has sold, but a special order is possible. This version had thirty carats of various shades of pink tourmaline with hand-wrought 14K gold spirals, and was 16.5" long. The client who purchased this wanted to have the length be adjustable. I added a gold fill extender chain to the clasp. There are photos of this later modification below. (#N033) The estimated cost for a similar piece would be $475 or $525 with the extender.

Pearl 14K Seventh Heaven Necklace - SPECIAL ORDER

Although this exact necklace has sold, I do have another strand of these perfectly enchanting tiny freshwater pearls. My personal Seventh Heaven necklace is in white pearls, too. There's something about the delicacy of the design that lends itself to pearls. Besides, they are very neutral, and go with EVERYTHING. I like to layer mine with longer necklaces in two-tone and silver. This necklace had fourteen little pearls in between each gold accent, and the spirals and clasp were hand-wrought in 14K gold. The finished length was 15 7/8." Estimated cost $450.

Garnet Seventh Heaven Necklace - SPECIAL ORDER

Twenty-two carats of beautiful purplish-red faceted garnets combine with hand-wrought 14K gold in this lovely version. The delicacy of this piece really lends itself to being layered with other necklaces, while the sparkle makes enough of a statement for it to be worn on its own. 16.25" long. Although this exact necklace has sold, a special order may be possible. (#N228, 7/14) Approximate cost $425

Garnet Seventh Heaven Necklace

Andalusite 7th Heaven Necklace - SPECIAL ORDER

Andalusite is such a fascinating gemstone. It is pleochroic, which means that the stone exhibits different colors depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Andalusite varies between a mossy green and a brownish red, and thus you have the various colors in this necklace. Some of the individual stones you can turn and see the color shift. This necklace has 17 carats of faceted andalusite, and hand-wrought 14K gold spirals and clasp. Like all the other necklaces on this page, if you like the photos, you will LOVE the piece in person. 16.25" long. Although this exact necklace has sold, a special order may be possible. (#N229, 6/12) Estimated cost $475

Andalusite 7th Heaven Necklace


These are examples of pieces I've done in the past, which are possible special orders. I've given price estimates of what I imagine creating something similar would cost. Thanks for your interest.