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Amulet Necklaces Page 5

Please click on any of the photos below, and click the "play" icon for a preview of all the necklaces listed below on this page. Enjoy!

Amulet Necklaces

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Apatite Goddess Amulet Necklace - NEW & SOLD

This vintage goddess amulet from India is looking quite exotic with the row of dangles below her. She is paired with 107 carats of apatite that graduate smaller toward the back, until you come to the larger charm by the toggle clasp -- one last icosahedron to finish (yes, thanks to this necklace, I learned the name for the geometric shape with 20 equal triangular faces :-) Tiny hematite beads and hand-crafted Balinese silver are used as accents throughout. This necklace is an absolute delight in a translucent shade of teal. Matching earrings are available below. 15.75" long. (#N626, 12/18) $285

Icosahedral Apatite Goddess Amulet Necklace

Necklace only $285

Icosahedral Apatite Goddess Amulet Necklace AND matching earrings

Necklace AND matching earrings $364

Aquamarine Goddess Parvati Amulet Necklace - NEW

What I love about this amulet is that it looks so ancient, and the imagery is so iconic. She is a classic female figure. I am told that when the goddess' arms are raised as they are here, that the goddess is Parvati. She embodies the loving and nurturing elements of the Feminine Divine. It's little wonder that she has so gracefully endured. I noticed that the patina had just a bit of verdigris. I wanted to harmonize with that beautiful blue green color by using aquamarine. The irregular "native cut" of the stones (179 carats), and the asymmetrical Thai silver beads give this necklace a truly ancient feel. A real treasure. There is an aquamarine charm by the Balinese silver toggle clasp that has a small garnet accent. 17" long. (#N625, 10/18) $225

Aquamarine Goddess Parvati Amulet Necklace

Mother-of-Pearl Seven-Mothers-and-a-Guardian Amulet Necklace - NEW

Ever feel as if you could use an entire team of guardian angels? This amulet may be for you. It depicts the Seven-Mothers-and-a-Guardian, also known as Sapta Matrikas. They are seven goddesses, all with different attributes - not so different from the Greek muses. There are theories that they pre-date Hinduism itself, and were inspired by the Pleides -- such a timeless notion. The eight tiny effigies look quite abstract, and combine so well with the simplicity of the mother-of-pearl, which is immensely flattering, and a bit more casual than "regular" pearls. I wear my mother-of-pearl amulet necklace at least once a week, and I'm sure that you would find this necklace very wearable, too. There is a faceted rock crystal quartz charm by the toggle clasp. 17.75" long. (#N609, 7/18) $195

Mother-of-Pearl Seven-Mothers-and-a-Guardian Amulet Necklace

Garnet, Amethyst & Smokey Quartz Tribal Silver Necklace - SOLD

With this necklace, I decided to explore transitions in color.  Using an assortment of 3mm faceted gems, the design gradually shifts from garnet (8 carats) to amethyst (6 carats) to smokey quartz (5 carats), and back again to garnet.  It was fun.  As far as I know, the vintage tribal silver pendant from India has no particular meaning, but does seem to have a floral motif.  You can see close-ups below.  Balinese silver and hematite accents are used throughout.  Please note that in many of the photos the necklace is wrapped to show detail, but it can only be worn as a single strand.  It is 19.5" long.  (#N581, 11/19)  $225

Mookaite Hanuman Silver Amulet Necklace - SOLD

This vintage amulet from India depicts Hanuman, the monkey general featured in the Ramayana, who is a symbol of love, courage, and devotion. It is an exceptional amulet with a lovely patina (plus, I swoon for amulets with dangles). Mookaite was discovered by Mooka Creek in western Australia, and remains its only source. Mooka means "running water" in the Aboriginal language. These 145 carats of mookaite show a full range of colors from earthy spice tones to dusty mauve and cool brown. Ornate granulated Balinese silver accents echo the detail in the amulet, and tiny hematite beads separate each stone. Matching earrings are available below, or on page 2 of the Earrings section. 19.75" long. (#N555, 1/19 N.S.) $485

Mookaite Hanuman Silver Amulet Necklace

Necklace only $485

Mookaite Hanuman Silver Amulet Necklace AND matching dark mookaite post earrings

Necklace AND matching earrings $560

Amethyst Seven-Mothers-and-a-Guardian Amulet Necklace - NEW

This image is most commonly known as "Sapta Matrikas" or "Seven Mothers and a Guardian." This amulet is worn for protection -- just imagine how protected you would be with seven mothers, plus a bonus guardian! If seven mothers sounds like six too many, know that they are also called "Seven Sisters." ;-) In my 18 years of collecting, this is the first time I've seen the "guardian" being placed before the "mothers." (You can tell because you can see his legs, while they are all in long dresses.) The shape of the border surrounding these tiny effigies is actually a stylized spear head, thus bringing added protection to the wearer. Even the circle shape of the amulet itself has endless meanings: unity, wholeness, completion, but something I recently read charmed me -- a belief that evil can't find an entry point in round shapes. Balinese silver accents integrate the fantastic patina throughout the necklace, and really complement the 118 carats of graduated amethyst. The gems have the most delightfully subtle variations in color and shape Matching earrings are available below, or on page 1 of the earrings section. 20.25" long. (#N542, 11/17) $385

Amethyst Seven-Mothers-and-a-Guardian Amulet Necklace

Necklace only $385

Amethyst Seven-Mothers-and-a-Guardian Amulet Necklace AND matching post earrings

Necklace AND matching earrings $460

Howlite Seven-Mothers-and-a-Guardian Amulet Necklace - SOLD

This dimensional amulet is in the shape of a prayer box, and though it does not open, it's still believed that your prayer can be held within. In fact, you can see two golden "tikkas" at the upper left and right of the image. These bits of metal are oftentimes added when a prayer has been answered, when a wish has been fulfilled, so you could say that this amulet is a proven winner -- twice over! The image that looks like eight vertical lines is a representation of Seven-Mothers-and-a-Guardian. It is worn for protection. I mean, just imagine how protected you would be with seven moms, plus a bonus guardian! The stone, howlite, is frequently dyed blue and sold as a turquoise simulant, because of its dark grey matrix that resembles that of turquoise. Personally, I like it very much as nature made it, and hope that you will, too. I chose it, because the beads are narrow enough to echo the lines of the seven mothers, and of course, I put them in groups of seven. Balinese silver accents, and tiny hematite beads add light and dark accents throughout the necklace. There's a howlite and hematite charm by the toggle clasp. 17" long. (#N293, 4/19) $235

Howlite Seven-Mothers-and-a-Guardian Amulet Necklace

Tiger's-Eye Bheru Amulet Necklace

This necklace features a vintage amulet depicting Bheru, a ferocious form of Shiva. Think of him as having a personal warrior there by your side for your protection. When Bheru takes the form of an animal, it is a dog, and you can see the dog at the very bottom of the amulet. This is a very fine old piece, and it was used to create a mold so that pewter replicas could be made of it. This is the ORIGINAL (A replica strung on braided leather cord will be available soon. The replicas are marked with a "P93" on the reverse side. Photos of the available replicas are shown below.) Oval tiger's-eye beads, hematite beads, Balinese silver spacers, and Thai silver beads complete this stunning necklace. 18.75" long. (#N171) $350

Tiger's-Eye Bheru Amulet Necklace

Amulet Necklaces

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