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Amulet Necklaces Page 6

Please click on any of the photos below, and click the "play" icon for a preview of all the necklaces listed below on this page. Enjoy!

Amulet Necklaces

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Amethyst Bhumiya Raj Hero Vintage Amulet Necklace - SOLD

This dramatic 2.5" diameter amulet has many hand-stamped designs surrounding the central image of the Bhumiya Raj Hero (who represents protection of home and family). The off-round outline of the amulet is echoed in the soft organic shapes of the 93 carats of amethyst. Lots of hand-crafted sterling Balinese silver accents really give this necklace lots of sparkle (right down to the charm by the toggle clasp). This large amulet is a little thinner than most, and therefore care should be taken to keep it in its box when it's not being worn. 19" long. (#N624, 11/19) $275

Amethyst Bhumiya Raj Hero Vintage Amulet Necklace

Garnet & Brown Pearl Amulet Necklace - NEW & SOLD

Anything with dangles feels extra exotic to me, so when I found this vintage amulet from India missing its charm, I knew I had an opportunity to restore its former glory. There is a bezel set piece of red glass in the middle, so I used garnets throughout the rest of the necklace. The freshwater pearls iridesce in rich shades of gold and reddish brown. The granulation in the Balinese silver echoes the detail in the amulet. Though the amulet has a heart shape, closer inspection allows one to see that it is a stylized spearhead, which is believed to bring the wearer protection. The center of the amulet has two peacocks, which are a symbol of royalty -- though the bezel covers their heads, you can see their "tail feathers." Matching earrings are available below, and are $10 off when purchased with the necklace. 17.25" long. Though this exact necklace has sold, a special order for a similar piece may be possible. (#N630, 9/18) $295

Garnet & Brown Pearl Amulet Necklace - $295

Necklace only $295

Garnet & Brown Pearl Amulet Necklace AND matching pearl earrings

Necklace AND matching earrings $350

Quartz Vintage Goddess Amulet Necklace - NEW

When I first saw these beads, I was dazzled. "Where are those from?" "Brazil," she answered. These are clearer than clear. "Hyper-clear" if such a word exists. There are little tiny inclusions just to remind you that it's natural quartz, but these beads look like drops of water floating in space. I found a gorgeous vintage goddess amulet from India, that, due to its age and high silver content, has a smooth and shiny surface like the 141 carats of rock crystal quartz it is paired with in this necklace. The goddess represents the feminine embodiment of the Divine. Hand-crafted Balinese silver flanks each bead, and there is a quartz charm by the toggle clasp. Matching earrings are available and photographed below. 21.5" long. (Item #N612, 8/18) $325

Quartz Goddess Amulet Necklace, Lakshmi

 Necklace only $325

Quartz Goddess Lakshmi Amulet Necklace AND matching earrings

 Necklace AND matching earrings $384

(earrings are special order)

Quartz Goddess Lakshmi Amulet Necklace - NEW

The necklace is the "little sister" to the larger goddess necklace above. It has smaller super-clear Brazilian quartz beads totaling 97 carats, and a vintage amulet from India that also has softened edges. The amulet depicts Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, love, beauty, and prosperity (both material and spiritual). Balinese silver and tiny faceted hematite beads are used as accents throughout, including a pretty quartz charm by the toggle clasp. With it's neutral color palette, and smaller size, this necklace is a great everyday piece. Matching earrings are photographed and available below. 17.75" long. (N611, 8/18) $245

Quartz Goddess Amulet Necklace, Lakshmi

Necklace only $245

Quartz Goddess Lakshmi Amulet Necklace AND matching earrings

Necklace AND matching earrings $300

Amethyst Durga Vintage Silver Amulet Necklace - NEW & HOLD

Sometimes it seems that something small can make us take extra notice, and this little goddess really delivers. Though she is smaller than a dime, Durga is still the slayer of the Buffalo Demon, and I believe her to be the original "girl power." (Her roots date back thousands of years.) She is paired with 11 carats of faceted amethyst, and Balinese silver accents. She is also quite rare because the lion she is riding is travelling to the left rather than the right. This is uncommon. This necklace should be stored in a box when it's not being worn, because the amulet is not as thick as most. There is a faceted amethyst charm by the toggle clasp. 15.75" long. (N610, 7/18) $185

Amethyst Durga Vintage Silver Amulet Necklace

Indian Agate Hanuman Amulet Necklace - SOLD

Hanuman is the monkey general featured in the Hindu epic, the Ramayana, and is a symbol of love, courage and devotion. He has the gift of flight, because his parents were the clouds and the wind. I also think of him as a healer, because he is depicted bringing back medicinal herbs to heal the wounded (from the battle to save Rama's wife, Sita, who was kidnapped by an evil demon). This necklace has 17 carats of faceted Indian agate, tiny red jasper beads for contrast, and Balinese silver accents throughout. This earthy mix of colors would be a great complement to so many outfits. There is a faceted red jasper charm by the toggle clasp. Please note that in many of the photos the necklace is wrapped to show detail, but it can only be worn as a single strand. It is 17.5" long. (#N580, 12/18) $195

Indian Agate Hanuman Silver Amulet Necklace

Tourmaline Durga Amulet Necklace - NEW & SOLD

Durga... how I love thee... let me count three ways: you ride a lion, you banish fear, AND you're the slayer of the buffalo demon. You are the original Girl Power. I had such fun arranging these 44 carats of tourmaline. The original strand of stones was a jumble of color and sizes, so I got the sizes sorted first (ever so slightly smaller towards the back), which allowed me to then "paint" which colors I thought looked best next to each other within the sizes. Then more pink was added with the tiniest little garnets you've ever seen. (They are between the Balinese silver accents, which also alternate design throughout the necklace.) There is a garnet and vintage Thai silver charm by the toggle clasp. Plus, any amulet with dangles makes me smile. I hope this necklace makes you smile, too. 18.75" long. (#N544, 2/18) $250

Tourmaline Durga Amulet Necklace

"Shavasana" Tourmaline & Pearl Necklace - NEW & SOLD (but possible special order)

This necklace is named after the resting pose at the end of a yoga class. The way the color of the tourmalines and pearls gently shifts reminds me of that drifting feeling when totally relaxed. There are 36 carats of mixed color tourmalines, freshwater pearls, and Balinese silver accents . A pearl and tourmaline charm is next to the toggle clasp. The vintage tribal silver pendant is very pretty with its dangles. There is a curious practice in India where the wires that are most susceptible to wear are wrapped in carefully knotted string. I usually cut these off, but with this piece, I chose to leave them. They will eventually wear through to the silver beneath, but I find it interesting, and thought you might, too. 17.75" long. Although this exact necklace has sold, I do have another similar amulet that we could add different gemstones to. (#N274, 10/12) $235

Custom Birthday Necklace - CUSTOM ORDER

I couldn't resist posting this one. This lucky gal's sweetheart wanted an amulet necklace for the birthday girl that evolved in the most wonderful way. We decided on two amulets that I thought needed an accent stone. Ruby seemed like a great complement to the pyrite. The client asked for a random sprinkling of rubies throughout the necklace. I was having some problems with "random" because I love things to have meaning, and besides, I like numbers. Then I got to thinking, any date can create a random looking arrangement that is anything but. We spaced apart the rubies with pyrite stones that basically "spelled out" both of their birthdays -- one on each side. (Photos below.) I was thrilled, and the smile on the birthday girl's face was priceless. I'm eager to do more birthdays, anniversaries, babies' birthdays (which would be TOO perfect with Vishnu's Footprints, because of those little tiny feet). Well, you can tell I'm excited. This one priced out at just over $300, and I imagine that a similar piece would be about the same. VERY happy with this one, and please write if you have any questions. Eek!

Custom Orders

As you may have guessed by how much I love amulets and gemstones, I have an absurd quantity of both just waiting to be made into amulet necklaces. If you have a favorite Hindu god, goddess, or image, I can send you a photo of what amulets I have that could fulfill your hearts desire. Add to that a specific gemstone you like, or a range of colors that are your favorites, and I can send you photos of those, too. We put the two together, et voilĂ , your perfect amulet necklace just for you! Prices are determined mostly by the size of the amulet, and the cost of the gemstones. The smaller amulet necklaces usually range from $195 to $295, medium from $295 to $400, and the largest ones (or with a lot of labor) usually top out at about $750. We can always just take a look at what I have. 

Here's a treat...

After over a decade of collecting amulets, I finally found a couple of the bronze die strikes used to make them. Couldn't resist the opportunity to show them to you. I hope you think they're as cool as I do. Thanks for checking out ALL the pages.

Amulet Necklaces

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