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More Necklaces - Archive

This page contains pieces that have sold, but chances are that I can create something similar to them. Please use it as a reference. The prices may vary depending on precious metal pricing, and the cost of the gemstones. As always, please feel free to email me with any questions. I hope you enjoy this look into the archives...

More Necklaces

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"Nature's Window" Quartz & Black Chalcedony Necklace

It is fantastic what mother nature can come up with. I almost don't want to say anything more about the piece, because the 114 carat center stone is just so amazing that my efforts pale by comparison, but here goes... The "body" of the necklace uses the same materials that comprise the center stone: rock crystal quartz (39 carats), and black chalcedony (29 carats). The design is a study in fives: five quartz beads flanking each side of the pendant, groups of five black chalcedony beads creating the length, and five beads creating the "tassel" below the centerpiece. Balinese silver accents are used throughout, and there's a pretty quartz and chalcedony charm by the toggle clasp. Necklace portion is 16" long, and the pendant is 3" long overall. (#N231, 2/16) $175

39.5" Long Thai Silver "Darline" Necklace

This wonderfully versatile necklace is made of smaller Thai silver beads with Turkish silver rings between each one. The beads alternate between an elongated diamond-shape and a pretty oval - both with floral designs. The rings allow a "S" hook to be used to double the necklace without it ever tightening. (Genius!) I'm so proud of Darline and I for coming up such a great design. This necklace can be made in any length you desire, and the price will adjust accordingly. My personal necklace is 44", which I absolutely LOVE, but more of my clients like this length of right around 36". These beads are made exclusively in Surin Province using a centuries-old technique of wrapping hand-stamped pure silver sheets around a natural pine pitch core. This makes the piece lightweight and easy to wear -- in addition to keeping this wonderful art alive. 39.5" long. Although I can no longer get the oval beads shown in this photo, a long necklace of Thai silver beads can likely be made. (N145, N307, 2/16)) $385

Mid-length Amethyst Geode Necklace

I just saw this gem material, and had to have it. Have you seen those large cavities that are lined with amethyst crystals? The large beads in front are cut from the interface between the gem amethyst and the "mother stone." It's as if each one has a story to tell. The smaller beads are pure amethyst, but with great inclusions, so they have interest, too. The two large silver beads I personally brought back from Bali, and the granulation work is outstanding. Tiny hematite beads and smaller granulated silver spacers are integrated throughout. There's a pretty toggle clasp with an amethyst charm. There are 253 carats of the larger stones, and 106 carats of the smaller. Although this exact piece has sold, I can make a similar necklace. 22" long. (N091, 2/16) $240

Five Spike Old Tribal Silver & Pearl Necklace

This necklace is for the bold. Five old tribal silver necklace elements are given new life with this "tough" take on pearls. Edgy and feminine, just like you, right? Metallic hematite and Balinese silver accents are used throughout. There is a pearl charm by the toggle clasp. Although this exact necklace has sold, special orders are available. Other gemstones may be possibilities as well. 16.5" long. (#N217, 2/16) $250

Large White Pearl Pendant with Balinese Silver Accents

This size of pearl was previously only seen in South Sea pearls, but advancements in culturing have created this beauty. There are pearl accents by the toggle clasp, and a handsome sterling chain. The necklace portion is 19.25" long, and the overall length of the pendant is 2". Simple, elegant, and interesting. What's not to love? (#N376, 2/16) $225

"Clair" Rock Crystal Quartz Necklace II

What can I say? Sometimes more is more. This is the second "Clair" necklace I have made, and I was looking for something more impactful, so this version has larger Balinese silver accents, and a heavier sterling silver oxidized chain. (You can see the original version at the bottom of page 1.) "Clair" is the French word for "clear" and these 71 sparkling carats of rock crystal quartz really deliver! They are faceted into an unusual "twist" cut that really catches the light in every direction. They contrast very nicely with the darker chain giving it a little toughness - call it "punk" or "biker chic" but I'm sure you'll make it your own. The length can be adjusted easily by simply hooking the clasp into different links up to 18" long. An eighth twist crystal is at the end of the chain in back, so there's no escape from this capturing attention from every angle. Matching earrings are a possibility. Although this exact necklace has sold "Clair III" is just waiting to be made. Please allow three weeks. (#N124, 8/14) $395

Sagenetic Quartz & Thai Silver Necklace

When quartz is called "sagenetic," it denotes that it has needles, but it doesn't specify which kind. These beads could also be called "tourmalinated" quartz, because these needles are made of tourmaline. This necklace has 510 carats of sagenetic/tourmalinated quartz, black chalcedony, Balinese silver, and these wonderful Thai silver beads made from fine silver with a pine pitch core. There is a faceted black chalcedony charm next to the toggle clasp. Matching earrings may be a possibility. 25.75" long. (#N268, 9/14) $285

Fossil Polka Dot & Thai Silver Necklace

Naturally polka-dotted stones, oh my! Playful and fascinating make for a potent combination. These stones were sold as snowflake obsidian, but they look as if they could be fossils instead. What's especially interesting about these particular stones is that you can see the circular cross-sections, and also longer parallel-cut "stems." Maybe I'm just geeking-out, but I love the variety. Hand-made vintage Thai silver beads are used between the larger stones, and small brick-red jasper accents are used throughout to add a dash of spice to the color palette. There's a jasper charm by the Balinese silver toggle. This style is best worn close to the base of the neck. 18" long. (#N294, 11/14) $225

Carved White Coral & Smokey Quartz Necklace

I was very happy to read recently that white is "in" this Winter (as long as the fabrics are season appropriate). I'm not a big one for following trends, but anything that allows me to wear my jewelry more of the time, I'm for! These carved white coral beads are paired with smokey quartz (over 40 carats), because these corals had darker areas in them, and the smokey quartz really brought out those variations. There is a faceted smokey quartz charm by the toggle clasp, and silver accents are used throughout. Matching earrings are a possibility. The necklace is 32.5" long. (#N112, 9/14) $295

Onyx & Crystal Quartz "Duality" Necklace

When we traveled to Bali, it surprised me to see that stone statues were wrapped in black-and-white checked cloth. I asked about it, and was told that it was an acknowledgement of both good and evil being present. Even crib ornaments hung above babies beds have some "angels" bearing gifts, and some bearing weapons; to attract good spirits and repel bad ones, respectively. This design was motivated entirely by how cool I thought the juxtaposition was, but then I remembered these interesting stories and wanted to share them with you. Two different earring options are available on page 2 of the Earrings section. I'm kinda secretly hoping that if you do decide on earrings, too, you'll get the mismatched ones -- all the better for conversation! The necklace has 55 carats of faceted black chalcedony (sometimes known as "onyx"), 66 carats of smooth rock crystal quartz, and a 119 carat centerpiece of onyx and rock crystal quartz. Balinese silver accents are used throughout, and there are tiny hematite and onyx beads, too. 17"long. (#N232, 9/14) $165

Ancient Spiral Necklace

This design is over four thousand years old and has been discovered in many ancient ruins including in Egypt, Peru, and Persia. This one has almost 30 feet of sterling wire in it, and takes many days of labor, as in, yes, I made every single one of these spirals, and got a big bruise in the middle of my right hand. The things I do for my art (imagine the back of my hand on my forehead as I gaze upwards ;-) This necklace is surprisingly flexible, comfortable, and great for layering. 15" long as shown - $25 per additional inch. Please allow 8 - 12 weeks for delivery. (#N155, 1/15) $500

Dragons with Pi and Carnelian Necklace

An artfully carved stone dragon pendant from Yunan Province paired with Thai silver beads, faceted carnelian, hematite, jasper and bowenite. There are also smaller Balinese silver accents used throughout. The necklace portion is only 15.5" long, so this really is for a smaller neck. The advantage is that the shorter length stops the overall size from getting too long -- great if your wearing it with a top that doesn't have a very deep-V in front. This pendant shows the dragons guarding a classic "Pi" (pronounced "bee" -- it's the little doughnut in the middle). It is believed to be an earpiece for the gods. This pendant has a 3.5" drop, and is 2.5" by 2.75" Matching earrings may be a possibility. (#N188, 11/14) $195

Granulated Inverted Drop & Hematite Necklace (Short)

This necklace is a wonderful, go-with-everything neutral. Hematite has a metallic luster and has a dark gray shade that is softer than black, but still goes with black -- along with every other color. I like to wear mine with denim. The granulated central bead has a texture created by tiny silver spheres that have been delicately welded onto the surface. It takes a lot of talent to employ granulation techniques and Indonesia (where this bead came from) is famous for it. This necklace is QUITE short at about 15", and is best suited for a teenager or someone with a truly small neck. There is a longer version below. There is a hematite charm by the double toggle clasp, which will allow the necklace portion to be even shorter at about 14.5". (N036, 3/15) $165

Inverted Granulated Drop & Hematite Necklace (Long)

This necklace is a wonderful, go-with-everything neutral. Hematite has a metallic luster and a dark gray tone that is softer than black, but still goes with black -- along with every other color. I like to wear mine with denim. The granulated central bead has a texture created by tiny silver spheres that have been delicately welded onto the surface. It takes a lot of talent to employ granulation techniques and Indonesia (where this bead came from) is famous for it. This necklace is longer than the one above at about 18.5", and would be quite alluring with deeper necklines. There is a hematite charm by the toggle clasp. (N036L, 3/15) $175

36" Amethyst Necklace

Isn't this the most beautiful shade of lavender? I really like the light, softer shades of amethyst. It's so flattering against the skin. The necklace is 36" long and has 203 carats of faceted amethyst to delight the eye. As an alternative to wearing it long, the Turkish granulated silver rings allow an "S" clasp to double the necklace without it getting tighter. So clever! Three different kinds of Balinese silver accents are used to flank the gemstones; and good, old-fashioned American labor (mine ;-) was used to wire-wrap this gemstone confection. The color is absolutely dreamy. (N136, 7/14) $495

Mixed Brown Agate Necklace

The variation of color and pattern in these mixed brown agates is so interesting that I knew they didn't need a pendant to have this necklace sing. Instead Balinese silver accents were used throughout and a few tiny hematite beads to accentuate the spacing. The sterling box safety clasp is also Indonesian, and beautifully made. There are 247 carats of agates, and it is 17.5" long. The set looks great with leopard print -- me-OW. (#N109, 12/13) $175

Balinese Heart Locket with Black Chalcedony Necklace

The centerpiece of this necklace is a beautiful heart locket I personally brought back from Bali. It is entirely hand-fabricated and features a technique called "granulation." Tiny silver spheres are formed and carefully adhered to the surface, making sure it is neither too hot nor too cold during the process. It takes a lot of skill. The locket is actually quite "roomy," so small objects could be carried within, not just a couple of photos. It is paired with 101 carats of faceted black chalcedony, and Balinese silver accents throughout. 16 3/8" long. (N180, 1/14) $250

Carved White Coral & Thai Silver Necklace

The texture on the Thai silver beads complements the carving on the coral so well. It's a stunner. Hematite accents are used throughout and contrast with the coral, so each bead is showcased. There is a white coral charm by the Balinese silver toggle, so you'll look fabulous from every angle. The Thai silver beads are made using a generations-old technique of wrapping hand-stamped pure silver around a natural pine pitch core. This necklace helps to keep that are alive. The necklace is 19.25" long, but it will feel and look shorter because the beads are larger. (#N125, 12/13) $295

Malachite Tribal Silver Necklace

Guaranteed to make you feel like leader of your own Indus River Valley tribe. These old silver elements combine with slightly matte finish malachite beads. The circle patterns naturally formed by varying shades of green are believed to keep away the evil eye. Small hematite beads are used as accents throughout, and there is the tiniest green agate bead on the charm by the toggle clasp. No one will think you're the shy type in this necklace. Necklace portion is 17" long, and the silver dangles are 2.25" long. (#N105, 8/13) $295

Grey Quartz "Sultana" Necklace

This necklace has an old silver central bead from Ethiopia flanked by smaller Thai silver beads, and an Indonesian silver clasp. The Thai silver beads were made using a centuries-old technique where thin sheets of pure silver are hand-stamped, and wrapped around a natural pine pitch core. This necklace helps to keep that art alive. The stones are faceted quartz (230 carats) that has been dyed a cool blue grey. There is a hematite charm by the toggle clasp. and hematite accents are used throughout. Matching earrings may be a possibility. Necklace is 17.25" long. (#N115, 11/13) $275

White "Coin" Pearl & Thai Silver Necklace

Luxe, with character. This necklace features nine Thai silver beads that are made only in Surin Province. Using a generations-old technique, pure silver is hand-stamped and then wrapped around a pine pitch core. This necklace helps to keep that art alive. They are paired with ten freshwater "coin" pearls flanked by small Balinese silver accents. There is a hematite and pearl charm by the toggle clasp, and hematite accents are used throughout. The links are created in hand-wrought sterling silver. Ethnic and glamorous, you can't miss. Matching earrings can be made. The necklace is 20.5" long. It has a "sister" necklace above in black chalcedony. (#N133, 9/13) $275

White Coral & Thai Silver Necklace

This necklace features a beautiful Thai silver beads made using a generations-old technique of wrapping hand-stamped pure silver around a natural pine pitch core. These beads are only made in one province just across the border from Cambodia. Hematite accents are used throughout, and give a nice contrast to the white coral. There is a pretty charm next to the toggle clasp. Matching earrings may be a possibility. 17.75" long. (#N126, 9/13) $150

Long Turquoise & Roble Wood Necklace

Disc-shaped turquoise, roble wood, hematite and 36 carats of smokey quartz combine in this 30" long necklace. I enjoy how the wood brings out the golden brown hues in the turquoise, and how the transparent quartz contrasts with both the turquoise and the wood where they meet. Sterling toggle clasp and other silver accents complete the look. Great for layering. (N094, 3/13) $275

Balinese Mother-of-Pearl Pendent and Amethyst Necklace

The central stone in this pendant is actually a cubic zirconia colored the shade of amethyst. I've paired it with 87 carats of faceted amethyst beads, and a toggle clasp. The pendant has great reflection, and is quite a bold piece. The other pendant I have has a peridot-colored cubic zirconia in the center, and can be paired with peridot for a similar look, but in green instead. It will cost more as peridot is costlier than amethyst. 17.75" long. (#N066, 4/13) $265

Ethiopian Silver Bead & African Turquoise Necklace

How could I resist pairing this vintage bead from Ethiopia with African Turquoise? Just couldn't. This is really handsome on, and layers particularly well with longer necklaces. The colors of the turquoise fade back and forth from dark to light and match from left to right. Hematite beads and small silver accents from Bali complete the look. The round clasp has a safety catch, and echoes the design of the center bead so well. 16.5" long. (#N104, 4/13) $165

White Agate "Silver Moon" Necklace

This is a "sister necklace" to the "Bali Moon" necklace shown below. I liked the design so well that I wanted to make another version. This one is done in a summer-y, crisp white agate that is just translucent enough to soften the effect. Tiny hematite accents are between each bead, and there's also a pretty hematite charm next to the toggle clasp. Very good looking on. 22" long. (#N110, 4/13) $285

"Bali Moon" Moonstone Necklace

I had these gemstones for about a year before I came up with the design for this necklace. I just had to have them. These moonstones are the color of sea fog, and the adularescense is mesmerizing. (Adularescense is the gemological term for that amazing luminosity moonstones have.) The silver beads were crafted in Bali using centuries-old granulation techniques. Granulation involves creating tiny silver granules and fusing them to the main body of the bead. No solder is used, just a torch. Too hot, and it's an amorphous mess -- too cold, and they're not fused. Very talented artists made these. Tiny hematite beads and even smaller granulated spacers are used as accents among the 646 carats of moonstone. It's a really special piece. Toggle clasp with hematite charm. 23" long. (N106, 4/13) $295

Long Tiger Ebony & Jasper Necklace

Tiger Ebony is known as "Kamaqong" in its native Philippines. It has very handsome stripes and a rich warm color that is brought out by the red jasper. There are two faceted smokey quartz beads (37 carats) dividing the contrasting stones. I like how they smooth the transition size-wise, and enjoy the contrast of their being transparent. Faceted hematites are integrated throughout, and echo the geometric shape of the sterling toggle clasp. The other great thing about hematite is that it gives a metallic luster like silver, but doesn't tarnish, so you never have to worry about getting silver polish worked into the wood grain. It is quite long at 35.5" long, and perfect for layering. (N090, 4/13) $135

Balinese Heart Box Pendant

Thirty-six carats of faceted amethyst and silver accents combine with a granulated heart box from Bali (with a surprising amount of room). Although this piece has been sold, I have two other Balinese heart box pendants that can be made into necklaces (one features a garnet, and the other is all granulated silver) . Feel free to write if you are interested. 18.5" long. (#N040, 12/11) $165

Sterling Spirals & Coin Pearl Necklace

Hand-wrought sterling spirals alternate with freshwater coin pearls. Truly stunning on. 21.5" long. Although this piece has been sold, a special order for a similar piece is possible. (#N031, 12/11) $325

Pearl Necklace Set

Teardrop shaped freshwater pearls are suspended from a sterling silver chain making the length adjustable. Matching earrings make the set complete. This exact set has sold, but it is possible for me to make a similar set. Please email me. 18" long. (#NS001, 8/11) $250

Rock Crystal Quartz Choker

A single crystal of almost 101 carats is the centerpiece of this 15" choker with heavy sterling silver chain. Additional length can be added at $25 per inch. Hand-wrought clasp. Fantastic on, especially as an edgy counterpoint to an outfit that may otherwise be too "sweet." Although this piece has sold, a special order is possible. (#N150, 12/11) $275

Double Flower Garden Necklace

Two flowers, one of quartz-and-hematite and the other of tiny carnelians are the pendants on this necklace. The carnelian flower has some resistance to moving so it can be placed higher on the chain and stay for a while. (If you wanted it to permanently stay in one spot, the links could be widened on either side of it.) The handwrought clasp is flanked by leaf-green peridots. 16" long. (#N153, 5/13) $125

More Necklaces

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